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People researching mini bulldogs are complaining about misleading information.There is real confusion researching the Miniature Bulldog now with false site links . The Real Miniature Bulldog original descriptions were first on the internet in 1999. PETS4YOU.COM, BREEDERS CLUB.NET AND OTHERS UNDER MINIATURE BULLDOGS USING THE REAL ORIGINAL MINIATURE BULLDOG BEHAVIOR AND PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION have ads leading to websites that advertise hybrids mixes or small full-size English bulldogs, THESE DO NOT CONFORM TO THE STANDARDS OF AND ARE NOT THE SAME BREED AS THE REAL ORIGINAL U.S. MINIATURE BULLDOG as developed in the U.S. in the 1980s with follow up research CONFORMING TO STANDARDS as on these breed page descriptions (1995). THESE SITES took their descriptions originally from the Protective Companions ( 1995); Miniature Bulldog Association members (1989).

French-English or English-Pug Bulldog hybrids and English Bulldogs tend to be independent and stubborn with difficulty in training including house breaking while being very sweet and loving house companions. The Pug mix, and French mix began appearing on the internet in 2001 and Small English Bulldogs in 2004. There has not been enough time, quantities or qualified research on these new hybrid mixes. The advertiser pet directories use the real miniature description with bulldog hybrid advertisers fraudulently. Breeders with an ad for a hybrid breeders has a link "For complete miniature bulldog description click here" that leads to , the official miniature association site. At this point the researcher has to be confused with real mini info mixed with other dog type info and acquire hybrid mixes falsely believing they are paying for the personality described. These hybrid bulldogs DO NOT conform the personality and behavior description of the real original Miniature Bulldog described on the Miniature Association site or the Protective Companions breeder pool web site for all of the real mini breeders.

International Kennel Club, IKC is the Registry of the Original Real Miniatures. The others pets are cute, probably lower in price, but do not conform to the Real Miniature health, behavior, personality and training standards described on these breeder directories descriptions of the Miniature Bulldog, the association site or Protective Companions of the real Miniature Bulldog registered and genetically tracked by IKC. So while the ads may appear under Real Miniature breed descriptions, it does not apply to these other types of dogs from other websites and pet registries.


English Bulldogs Miniature Purebred: (pool website for all breeders)

Protective Companions, North West Arkansas.

Miniature Bulldog Association site; (breeders and Owners)

both on

*(Note: The purebred Miniature description is posted on; and perhaps other advertising breeder listing sites, but the following ads under these sites, as below, are not and do not conform to the Purebred Miniature description in size, behavior and personality and are genetically different breeds.)

French English Pug combination listed miniature and regular bulldogs:

*(This breed does not conform to the Purebred miniature description)

Jane Bergman – O & B Farms, Belle Plaine, Minnesota

Betty Sweeter – Foley, Minnesota

Both on *

Regular Bulldog, Small, listed as miniature ( U.S. Bulldog bloodlines):

*(This breed does not conform to the Purebred Miniature description.)

Tonia & Jeff –PupsaMillion, Hot Springs, Arkansas *

Cynthia Lewis – Clarence New York*

Timothy Hampton –MiniBulldog RUs, Houston. Texas *


Regular Bulldog, Small, listed as mini (Australian Bulldog bloodlines):

*(This breed does not conform to the Purebred miniature Description)

Evan Quintana- – Miami Beach Florida

Elena Schwinn – Original Mini Bulldogs – Miami Beach Florida

Lisa Vitale- Bulldog Miniatures- Florida ( Ohio phone number)

All at*

Purebred Miniature Bulldog Association



The firsts miniature bulldog offered on the world wide web (www) was in the Spring of 1999 by Protective Companions, pool website representing all of the purebred breeders. English Bulldog Miniature .com was and is the site for the purebred breeders. The Breed description includes two classifications of Classic and Athletic with the athletic looking more like the bulldog of the early 1900 era and the classic more like the current English bulldog. How ever modern show bulldog looks are limited for improved health reasons. The behavior description is a loving, loyal, sweet, healthy, high IQ highly trainable want to please you, take every where protective companion.

The purebred breeder-owner association did genetic health tracking which lead to the new genetic tracking registry in the International Kennel Club, IKC, Inc. that registers the Purebred Miniature and is open to AKC breeds and new rare breeds being developed to AKC standards wanting genetic tracking. IKC registry may be claimed after a probation period with successful health tracking.

Miniature-Full-size Controversy

The Bulldog Club of America put on line a page that said there was no such thing as a miniature bulldog creating a controversy. The Miniature Bulldog Association site provides information on the Purebred Miniature with owner pictures and information about hybrid or mixes and full-size health issues.

MBCOA, Miniature Bulldog Club of America , a new site formed by Florida breeders is composed of breeders of the small full-size, both of US and Australian bloodline breeders and the French English Pug combination breeders. This club, of these different breeds, seek to have the miniature bulldog become one AKC breed. The site offers background on toy and small bulldogs in England and France. It claims a history “Since 1980” which is not evident based on internet research, but does coincides with the history of the US Purebred Miniature Bulldog development which implies this group was a functioning group at the time of US development of the US Purebred Miniature Bulldog. In fact this group is an association of breeders of several different small bulldog breeds and bloodlines foreign and domestic that was formed in 2004 and 2005 to compete with the US Purebred English Bulldog Miniature for which there have been complaints on some MBCOA breeders that the pups have grown up to be full-size bulldogs with full-size bulldog behaviors that include lovingly bumping over small children.*

Purebred Miniature Bulldog behavior is different from the full-size regular bulldog. Its description is very sweet and loving but does include stubborn, independent and slow in learning and training because of its independent persevering nature. And the French bulldog is also similar. Individual owners report exceptions with faster cooperative behavior.


The next Miniature bulldog offering came in late 2001 from three breeders in Minnesota, one offering a French English combination, and the other two offered an English Pug mix. This evolved into the French English Pug combination because of the size and shape of the French. These were less expensive and sold as “miniature bulldogs”. The breed description suggested similarity to the full-size, sweet loving and comical. From these other breeders showed up in New York and Florida.


In around 2003 Australians begin developing there own hybrid mixes a few of which were imported to the U.S. And allegedly some Australian breeders reduced the size of the regular English and also imported some of these to the U.S. including a Florida family.


And in 2004 Florida family breeders offered a miniature bulldog from a regular Australian small bulldog allegedly 20 to 32 pounds in an claimed these were the original miniature bulldogs. This was followed by a Texas breeder offering small regular bulldogs who started an Arkansas breeder in small regular bulldogs.


*Regular bulldog mini complaints have emerged that some of these were growing to regular bulldog size bumping over small children in loving play. Allegedly legal action is beginning taken is some of these complaints based on size and behavior fraud. The misunderstanding seems to emerge from these regular bulldog bloodlines being advertised under the purebred miniature description as above and buyers are assuming they are getting a purebred English Bulldog Miniature when they order these allegedly small regular bulldogs claimed to be the original miniature bulldogs. In defense of such breeders dogs, it is difficult to change a breed in a short time that is several hundred years old with a trend to breed larger specimens, with out having through backs, in this case size. There was no claim in personality change other than to place ads under the purebred description with a breeder page linked to the purebred breeder description.

Final Recommendation: A miniature bulldog of the type and description you want is well worth the planning. Read and talk to breeders long enough to know what you are being offered in behavior, personality, and look for an appropriate price. If you feel you are being spun because you don’t yet know enough, do more research and verify. Don’t let puppy love and the desire for a quick fast good deal push you into a fast credit card decision. Don’t just buy a puppy; Adopt your puppy for Life so you be as happy with miniature bulldog all of the way as in first week puppy love!